Hello, my name is Johanna. You are here because you want to grow in the field of copywriting, right?


It’s also possible you haven’t chosen a niche yet, or designed your portfolio website… What matters is that you’ve decided that you will start writing for a living and have taken action. 

For that my friend, I congratulate you! 

Not many people take that first important step forward, getting stuck in the “learning” phase and never taking action — as you have.

I’m an IT Specialist by trade, and I love step-by-steps. Being a techie I’ve made it a point in my career to write instruction manuals for non-technical users, so they can successfully complete highly mechanical tasks with ease.

Let’s Get Started!

I’ve designed this training to be as easy and informative as possible, while only providing the information you need to get started.

My goal is that you have a finished product by the end of the training. So we’re going to start with building your portfolio.

We are also going to cover general information that you need to know to frame your mindset for success in this lucrative sphere.

I’m not sure about you, but I clearly see a great demand for copywriting.

Especially for the web.

Everyone is starting to understand the importance of writing copy to convert strangers into raving fans. 

Today you’ll notice that more businesses are investing in writers that have the ability to write sales copy.

This means you have to frame your mind to write copy that will engage your reader while enticing them to buy.

Keeping Your Readers Engaged

One of the most critical tasks of a copywriter is to keep readers engaged. Content should be written with this end goal in mind: to convert visitors into customers.

Once you understand how to convert with your copy, you’ll notice that you won’t have competition. There is a myriad of copywriters in the world today. Imagine, not having to worry about your next gig because you took the time to become skilled in sales writing. 

I can’t wait to hear your success stories.

According to Google, there are over 4 billion websites published online — and this number will only continue to grow as new businesses go online.

Your New Copywriting Portfolio

You are here because you also need to publish your portfolio. Right?

Imagine all the people out there that need your skill set and are waiting for you to pitch them. Make sure you take the time to learn what I am showing you. Okay?

Here’s the problem you need to learn to resolve. Because there is such a large number of web pages out there, it is extremely difficult for sites to get noticed. Especially when their copywriters are producing average, boring content, or are careless, writing content no one wants to consume.

This is where you come in. Your goal is to secure these clients by writing compelling copy. 

Brushing Up On Your Copywriting Skills

To know what content should be written when developing your portfolio, you need to brush up on web copywriting. We’ll go through what you need to know so you understand the process and get started ASAP.

Because there are so many different factors that go into getting your website indexed and noticed by crawlers, it’s important to gain experience in this arena before we start building and writing.

Once you gain experience in web copywriting, you will find that you will always have a great deal of work available for you.

Many people out there think it’s easy to just get started writing web content for whatever niche websites they target, while others are even writing sales letters and all kinds of marketing materials without the basic understanding of copywriting.

Though this tactic may work for some, these copywriters are unable to scale their businesses because they can’t produce results for their clients. So they go from job to job, making very little money for their efforts.

I’m telling you this because I want you to really take the time to understand the basics of writing good web content. The content you produce must be easy to read for your prospective audiences so that the traffic driven to your websites can be converted into sales.

Writing Your Narrative

We’ll learn how to use active and passive voice while writing your narratives. You’ll learn how to be concise and how to add important, technical information, in language that’s easy for your readers to consume… you’ll write amazing headlines, just stick with this and I guarantee you’ll be great.

Web copywriting is going to continue to grow because of the difficult nature of conversion tasks.

I’m not going to get into the analytics of this game just yet, because we’re just starting and I don’t want to overwhelm you. But remember, you must put forth the effort to get your website noticed by both search engines and visitors.

Let’s discuss a misconception roaming around. Many of the experts are teaching that you have to write content for your audience as well as for search engine bots.

This is definitely doable, but because it’s such a difficult task (writing for two audiences as opposed to one), making sure that you properly write to sell becomes a grueling task. When content doesn’t flow well, even if you’re able to rank your websites, your conversions are going to be terrible.

The Truth

So here’s the truth. Only write for your audience, not for search engine crawlers. If your readers consume your content, the crawlers will respond accordingly. 

Engage the reader by building rapport, trust, and likability, which will later turn into sales. Then — bonus — the search engines will end up ranking your site anyways because engagement is key.

Just remember, there are plenty of opportunities out there. If you play your cards right and strategize accordingly, you’ll be sure to land high-paying clients that’ll be happy to give you glowing testimonials for your work.

You will also be able to work from anywhere around the world as long as you have an Internet connection. Yes! The highly coveted laptop lifestyle.

So make sure to take some time to read more about the field. Do your research, and always apply what you’ve learned. Helping others when you’re starting out will give you a better gauge on how to research and write for any niche. Though many don’t recommend this, I personally think that good copywriters are able to research and write on any niche within their field of expertise.

Anyone can write web content, but it takes a trained copywriter to write compelling content that can sell as well as get their websites indexed.

Together, let’s expand our horizons and become the best in the field.


Take a moment to research the art of web copywriting and answer these questions in a 2500 word article answering the following questions:

  • What services can you offer in this field?
  • What niche would you be interested in writing for?
  • Why are you interested in copywriting?
  • Tell me a bit about yourself and why I should listen to you.
  • Why should a prospect consider you as their copywriter?

Create a new document on Google Docs titled: “Step #1: Learning The Art of Web Copy” and share the link to your complete article in the comments below this post.

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